Online Flight Purchasing

Trial Lessons - Please make sure you purchase the suitable aircraft (R22/R44) for the voucher recipient, noting that weight restrictions apply. See Terms and Conditions

Type Aircraft Length Cost Buy Now
Trial Lesson R22 15 min £99
Trial Lesson R22 30 min £195
Trial Lesson R22 60 min £370
Trial Lesson R44 30 min £320
Trial Lesson R44 60 min £595

Introduction Experience Flights - Please inform us by phone 01224 739111 or email if the voucher recipient is over 16 stone (max weight for purchase is 20 stone). See Terms and Conditions

The 20 minute seat and aircraft flights option is a purchase of (one seat or aircraft depending on voucher purchased) on a set flight on the last Sunday of each month. Flight date and time can be booked online or on the phone.

All other Experience flight options (30 & 60 minutes) can be booked any day (subject to weather and availability). You are purchasing the helicopter (as opposed to just a seat) and you can take up to 3 people for the flight as well as decide the route you would like to fly (subject to planning and conditions) This flight can only be booked on the phone.

Type Aircraft Length Cost Buy Now
Experience Flight
(per seat)
Last Sunday each month
R44 20 min £80
(20% off)
Experience Flight
(up to 3 passengers)
R44 20 min £260
Experience Flight
(up to 3 passengers)
R44 30 min £360
Experience Flight
(up to 3 passengers)
R44 60 min £640

Once you have decided which flight type you are interested in click on the "Buy Now" icon in the table below and you will be taken to a SECURE site run by PayPal to enter your credit or debit card details, please note this will accept any debit or credit card and does not require customer PayPal accounts.

It just takes Five easy steps:-
1) Enter your payment details
IMPORTANT - On completion of payment, press "return to HJS Helicopters / Merchant" and after 10 seconds you will be redirected back to our site to receive your Gift Voucher. Please ensure you do this!
3) Print your voucher  
4) Fill in the name of the recipient and the payment transaction id / voucher number (call) on the voucher  
5) Present your voucher to the recipient who then can book their flight online (all 20 mins Experience Flights) or call 01224 73911 to book all other flight.

All vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchase.

Please note by purchasing the flight you are agreeing to having read and are agreeing to comply with the information contained within our Terms and Conditions page as appropriate.

The Robinson 'R22' is a 2 seat Helicopter suitable for persons weighing up to 16 stone. The Robinson 'R44' is a 4 seat Helicopter suitable for persons weighing up to 20 stone. Trial Lesson flights in the R44 can allow persons over age of 14 in the back for a fee. Introduction Experience Flights 20 mins are normally flown on the last Sunday of each month regardless of whether the voucher is for a seat or the aircraft. The 30 & 60 minute options can be flown on any day and any route.

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