Trial Lessons

Trial lessons flight times are between 15 minutes to 60 minutes. This is the approximate length of time you will be airborne with one of our flight instructors.

These lessons are conducted from Culter Helipad Aberdeen.

Each lesson comes with a detailed video/pilot brief prior to flight on how the controls of the helicopter work and what will be expected of you. Then you go flying for the allotted time; you will be asked to use the helicopter controls initially one at a time to control your direction, speed or height.

But don't worry the instructor has a set of dual controls!

Dependant on your wishes and abilities the instructor will give you more or less control in a series of basic flying manoeuvres, the flight usually includes an interesting look at hovering toward the end of the exercise which your friends or family can watch from the Helipad.

Helicopter Type Length of Flight Cost incl VAT
Robinson R22 15 Minutes £99
Robinson R22 30 Minutes £195
Robinson R22 60 Minutes £370

Click Here to order online, or alternately call 01224 739111 to order over the phone.

HJS Helicopters has a minimum age limit of 14 years and a maximum candidate weight limit of 17 stone/238lbs/107kgs for the Robinson R22.

Our flight vouchers are valid for six months from date of purchase.

Please read our terms and conditions for further information prior to booking flights.

We are of course happy to accept shorter trial lesson vouchers as part payment against longer flights if the recipient requires to change it at the time of booking.